Scott McLaughlin Takes First Place in Race 8


The Perth Supersprint at Barbagallo Race 8 was proud to watch Scott McLaughlin surge into first position after an all-star championship competition between some of the most sophisticated motors and racers today.

Scott McLaughlin stomped his way to a clean victory in Race 8, after a remarkable performance over the weekend sweep by the23 year old. One of the youngest competitive motorists of our time, the Kiwi has made history at the Perth Super sprint.

There wasn’t a driver that could keep pace with the No. 17 Falcon after the 83-lap.

McLaughlin worked to build a significant advantage over his rival Chaz Mostert and held it well through two rounds with pit stops. The final time clocks measured a 4.6 second margin between the two drivers.

Jamie Whincup also finished the race in the third and despite a set of brand new tires already for that crucial final lap he was outgunned by the two Falcons in front.

Will Davison and Mark Winterbottom too fifth and fourth place respectively and were closely followed by the rest of the leading contenders.

Fabian Coulthard held his sixth position well, up until the moment Shane van Gisbergen gunned past him and narrowed his lead to a mere 19 points.

As a matter of fact, the total points for the first five contenders only amounted to 31 points.

While McLaughlin cruised easily into this championship, his teammate with a championship title was not given such a smooth course.

Buried deep in the competition behind Davis in the first laps, Coulthard adopted a three-stop strategy to try to recoup some distance.

Despite this noble effort, he still found himself struggling to get past Tekno Commodore in the final laps.

Then he was also unable to apply his impressive grip to getting ahead of the competition and in the end, was forced to give up his spot to Van Gisbergen in the last lap. The most desperate of all the drivers that day was one place behind them.

Craig Lowndes skipped all pit lanes to gain some position in the grid, his team chose to begin at the rear of the grid should the worst begin at the start of the race. He then received a mild shunt that placed him in a spin and placed him at a distant last place. He was still able to turn this around and place i the top 8th position thanks to his application of the three-stop strategy.

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