The New Super5000 Series Is Set To Revive The Top-Level Open Wheel Racing


Here is the very 1st look at the latest Super5000 series race car which promises to revive the Top-Level open-wheel racing in the country of Australia. The Daily Telegraph reveals full details on the Supercar’s “proposed” Super5000 series for the very 1st time after they obtained exclusive video and pictures on the 850kg flyer which is said to hit the grids in the coming year.

The Supercars concept which is backed and developed by the Australian company known as Payce and Wilson Security, whereby the complete specifications of this car is also laid bare. This includes this V8 supercars engine that will deliver a phenomenal 600 brake horsepower.

It is expected that up to 20 cars may be racing at the opening race of the Supercars season in the following years in Adelaide. This should be sufficient competitors that will sign-up for this particular series which will receive approval by Supercars while the sporting-body will own the intellectual property-rights on this series.

Wilson and Payce are both extremely excited in association to this particular project due to a variety of reasons. One reason stated by John McMellan the CEO for the Wilson Group involves the opportunity in which to introduce an exhilarating open-wheel category for the Australians fans to embrace.

He also states that it is another method to introduce extremely powerful racing cars in packages that are affordable that can be a lucrative pathway for the younger driveways in the open-wheel categories in the US or Europe.

He goes onto state that the formula is amazing and he believed it will attract strong competitors with the possible start for the Super5000 Series in the coming year. Running on the very same 5.0 litre engine used in the V8 Supercar, the honeycomb and carbon fibre built race-car was able to clock over 300kph in the “secret” test conducted in the Phillip Island earlier on this year.

It has been understood that this car has the ability to go from 0-100kph in under 3 seconds. Supercars started developing the Super5000 concept back in 2015 in order to bolster the categories that support racing before they handed this project onto Wilson and Payce.

McMellan stated “We appreciated Supercars developing the Super5000 vision and concept but were not in a position to progress it.” He went onto say that the opportunities in which to progress this project independently was already there and it therefore made perfect sense for them to support the project while still allowing Supercars to retain rights on this category.

To date there have since been 6 expressions of keen interest from the individuals who have considered owning and running this race-car in a “full-championship” series in the upcoming year. This car will cost around $300,000, while the series is aimed at assisting the younger drivers in developing skills before they embark on a career in Supercars.

This particular category is in hope that it will also open the pathway onto Formula One. McMellan goes onto states that they are hoping with positive market responses that they can present a case that is undeniable for Super5000 in order to become official support categories in the years 2018.

Super5000 cars have gone onto conduct a number of high-speed tests using Supercars champion Garth Tander as the most current driver to strap-down in this concept car. This Holden driver managed to clock 300k/ph at the test conducted in Phillip Island, while Alex Davison and Lee Holdsworth have also tested this car.

Tander stated that his first impression was “wow” the car was seriously fast, while still being far lighter that Supercars will comparable amounts in horsepower along with loads of acceleration. He also states that the drivability was awesome and traction control allowed him to tune just the right amount of power that is needed to ground, which means the car won’t snap out.

He also states that the car felt comfortable immediately and he had no issues from the view point of safety as the car features all modern-day features which include F1-style head protection which is vital in fast cars.

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