Animals rights should be upheld and backward practices should be abolished

Words might not be enough to communicate my displeasure since the January 30 Dog Trainers Perth meeting. It was at that meeting that councilors voted on whether to increase the Greyhound Racing in 2018 with 20 more races. To our dismay, the vote proceeded and passed with a 6/4 majority vote. Allow me to first give my thanks and appreciation to councilors who went out of their way and did everything possible to oppose this application. Rest assured that your valiant efforts will not go unrewarded. I would also like to appreciate and acknowledge “Friends of The Track” for their significant contribution in our course. I feel I owe it our supporters to reveal some tidbits of the argument that those who supported the expansion and continuation of this animal cruelty.

First Councilor; I love all animals including dogs. If I could, I would take every shelter dog. The hypocrisy in this statement is mind boggling since greyhounds are dogs too.

Second Councilor; I can see the point in your argument and I am in fact I agree to it to a certain extent. We have a dog in our family that is loved dearly.

Oh really? Wouldn’t you want a greyhound treated the same as your dog? Do you think greyhounds are machines?

Third Councilor; It would not bother me if Greyhound racing was abolished in Lismore. However, this is a legal matter and it is the government that makes the laws.

Hang on, this matter is before you and other councilors since you have the mandate to refute it on different grounds.

Fourth Councilor; I personally own a greyhound and it loves running. I am however, of the school of thought that human choices should come first.

Is it fair when these human choices are infringing on animals welfare? Shouldn’t this be a concern to every sane and caring human being?

Fifth Councilor – Does religion and specifically Christianity reserve any place for greyhounds or chickens

Sixth Councilor; No Vote. This was the chance to send a message to the greyhound racing industry. Your choice will continue to harm defenseless animals while also denting the image of Lismore as a socially enlightened and forward thinking center.

Choices have consequences and it is now clear how choosing such leaders can be toxic to our community. If you choose to vote 1 in the next elections, it will again be business as usual in the greyhound racing sphere and in other sectors.

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