Kyle Chalmers Having Open Heart Surgery, Forces World Swim Title Withdrawal

April 10, 2017 Riley de Castella 0


Kyle Chalmers, Olympic gold medalist is having open heart surgery which is forcing him to withdraw his bid from the upcoming FINA World Championship.

Chalmers has a heart condition referred to as “supraventricular tachycardia or SVT. His coach, Peter Bishop states it was more important to deal with the heart condition than it is to win the championship competing for Australia in Budapest this July.

Per his coach, this decision wasn’t made lightly, a lot of consideration and thought was put into it.

It is in his best interest to have this surgery sooner as opposed to later.

Once the surgery is complete and he has recovered, Kyle will begin to prepare for the Commonwealth Games that are coming up in 2018.

The priority was always his health and well being.

This is the beginning of his bid for gold medal championships. Now is the time to get the surgery done so that he can go on to win. Often, the overall goal needs to be determined and the decisions need to be made from there.

Chalmers has the full support of his teammates, family, and coaches. This will give him the home advantage in 2018.

The surgery will be performed within a few short weeks.

“It’s with regret that I have withdrawn from the competition for 2017” states Chalmers.

“In order to give myself the best opportunity for the future, I must take care of myself now”, states Chalmers.

“As I’ve begun to suffer from an abnormal heart rhythm I must now face surgery to reset things.” states Chalmers.

Chalmers is happily following his doctor’s advice on the situation.

While there is never a good time for surgery, Chalmers is facing it with the goal of being healed and able to go for his overall goal. He has made the decision to withdraw from the 2017 competition and go for the competition in 2018 after he has fully recovered and healed.

It is expected that a replacement swimmer will be announced for the 100-meter freestyle event that is in Budapest in the near future. Putting his health first will ensure that he is able to compete in future events. He will do better training once his heart rhythm is reset and running properly for his body. It was a tough decision, but one that will ultimately allow him to reach his future goal of winning in the next competition that takes place in 2018.…

Pearl Gonzalez pulled out of UFC 210 due to her breast implants

April 7, 2017 Riley de Castella 0

MMA fighter Pearl Gonzalez was about to be pulled out of the 210 main card due to her breast implants (source: Breast Implants Perth) . You can find a photo of Cynthia Calvillo and Pearl Gonzalez as they face off  on April 05 in Buffalo, New York.

We have learned that Pearl Gonzalez has been ruled on the basis of an implant in her breast, women fighters are not allowed to have implants. Calvillo told me that is was hopeful they would alleviate the issue but since then there is no word anything just yet.

However, Doman Martin from Fox Sports has reported that the match has not been postponed officially and there are discussions going on about whether Gonzalez is eligible to participate. And I quote his words, “stay tuned to Fox Sports for more updates on Gonzalez and implant gate. There is nothing that is one hundred percent sure about the situation. But let’s wait and see what happens”.

“In New York, women who have breast implants are not allowed to compete in fightings due to the concerns that it might burst during the match. However, those boxers who have undergone breast reduction through surgeries are eligible to compete”, this is according to the NYSAC medical manual. The rule was enacted back in the year 2014.This makes it easy for people to wonder what went wrong with both the UFC and the commission.

Something that is worth noting is that this statue is not limited to the New York or even the United States as a country only. Back in the year 2013, Louisiana temporarily banned all female fighters with breast implants from participating in MMA due to the above-mentioned concerns of rupturing. If you recall well, back in the year 2009 there was an amateur British boxer who was not allowed to get into the ring because she had an implant in her breasts.

Pearl Gonzalez  (4-0) made her debut in boxing in March at the UFC 209, it is during the same time that she made an ultimate win over a standout and experienced fighter Amanda Cooper in her promotional debut. The impressive fight that she displayed resulted in a quick turnaround of things helping boost her momentum.

With all the controversy that’s going around, whether Gonzalez and Calvillo will fight Saturday night now we will have to wait. Having said that, let’s wait for more official communication from the commission.…