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  • 27 May

    Days 36 – 38 – Sun 24 May to Tue 26 May

    It is now Day 39 and we are briefly back in service with Dave just arriving at the Barkly Roadhouse. He is travelling well and some more left calf and achilles soreness he was suffering on Day 36 now .

  • 23 May

    Days 34 & 35 – Fri 22 May & Sat 23 May

    Phone service has been very patchy for the past two days, and we expect more of the same to come. However, we have some tonight, at the end of Day 35 where Dave has finished approximately 30km east of.

  • 22 May

    Day 33 – Thur 21 May

    [video width="1920" height="1072" mp4=""][/video] .

  • 20 May

    Day 32 – Wed 20 May

    Day 32 has drawn to a close approximately 40km west of Cloncurry, with Dave completing 74.36km in trying conditions yet again. A remarkable day where the scenery and landscape changed quite dramatical.

  • 19 May

    Day 31 – Tue 19 May

    Day 31 has seen Dave put in another gutsy performance, compiling 77.4 km and concluding approximately 34km east of Cloncurry. Again it was another oppressively hot day on the road, peaking at official.