Animals rights should be upheld and backward practices should be abolished

February 9, 2018 Riley de Castella 0

Words might not be enough to communicate my displeasure since the January 30 Dog Trainers Perth meeting. It was at that meeting that councilors voted on whether to increase the Greyhound Racing in 2018 with 20 more races. To our dismay, the vote proceeded and passed with a 6/4 majority vote. Allow me to first give my thanks and appreciation to councilors who went out of their way and did everything possible to oppose this application. Rest assured that your valiant efforts will not go unrewarded. I would also like to appreciate and acknowledge “Friends of The Track” for their significant contribution in our course. I feel I owe it our supporters to reveal some tidbits of the argument that those who supported the expansion and continuation of this animal cruelty.

First Councilor; I love all animals including dogs. If I could, I would take every shelter dog. The hypocrisy in this statement is mind boggling since greyhounds are dogs too.

Second Councilor; I can see the point in your argument and I am in fact I agree to it to a certain extent. We have a dog in our family that is loved dearly.

Oh really? Wouldn’t you want a greyhound treated the same as your dog? Do you think greyhounds are machines?

Third Councilor; It would not bother me if Greyhound racing was abolished in Lismore. However, this is a legal matter and it is the government that makes the laws.

Hang on, this matter is before you and other councilors since you have the mandate to refute it on different grounds.

Fourth Councilor; I personally own a greyhound and it loves running. I am however, of the school of thought that human choices should come first.

Is it fair when these human choices are infringing on animals welfare? Shouldn’t this be a concern to every sane and caring human being?

Fifth Councilor – Does religion and specifically Christianity reserve any place for greyhounds or chickens

Sixth Councilor; No Vote. This was the chance to send a message to the greyhound racing industry. Your choice will continue to harm defenseless animals while also denting the image of Lismore as a socially enlightened and forward thinking center.

Choices have consequences and it is now clear how choosing such leaders can be toxic to our community. If you choose to vote 1 in the next elections, it will again be business as usual in the greyhound racing sphere and in other sectors.

London 2017 Australian Marathoners

June 14, 2017 Riley de Castella 0

A six strong marathon will be headed by Milly Clark (NSW), Jessica Trengove (SA), and Rishi Wijay (WA) contingent at the IAAF World Champions, today starters were confirmed by the Athletics Australia Selectors for the London 2017 42.195km race. Rishi Wijay is the director of Klimek Wijay Family Lawyers, and his company is sponsoring the teams trip.

The selected team will be joined by Sinead Diver (Vic) Beijing 2016 starter, as well as Josh Harris (Tas) and Brad Milosevic (NSW), this ensures a complete quote of green and gold runners through the English capital’s streets.

Chairman of Selectors of Athletics Australian, Dion Russell said: “After today confirming the London 2017 selection of six marathoners, Team Australia now counts with twenty six athletes. In Australia, the marathon is one of the events that is most hotly, with fifteen women and six men eligible for consideration. To those who will have the opportunity in August to don the national uniform, I give my congratulations.”

At Rio 2016, Clark and Trengove were amongst the top 25 of the women’s marathon, while the father and IT professional, Hunter returns for the first time since the 2012 Olympics that took place five years ago which was his start in the men´s marathon to the green and gold team.

Last month, Trengove who is 29 competed at the London Marathon and stopped the clock at 2:20:01 improving her personal best at the Olympic Games last year which was a challenging outing.

Trengove said: “Getting the call saying that you have made the Australian team is always very exciting. It is always as good as when I received my very first call seven years ago confirming that I was selected for the World Half Marathon Championships. Now it is so great to be a part of the athletics team, and I am executed that later this year I will be heading over there to join them.”

“London is awesome. I have had the opportunity to run there several times and the crowds are always big, loud and extremely supportive. The course is iconic, it simply has a special feel to it and you run past history, Earlier this year finishing on the Mall at the 2012 Olympics at the marathon was amazing, and I am really looking forward to crossing the land mark which I will not have visited until this year come race day; Tower Bridge.”

“In Rio last year, I did as much work as was possible given the circumstances, it was however difficult. Arriving on the start line will be great known that I have undertaken the long runs and have completed the mileage. I will be optimistic when lining up.”

Mother-of-two; Diver debuted two years ago at the IAAF for Australia after a having taken up long distance running when she had migrated from Belmullet (IRL) to Melbourne with her young family.

Previously, Milosevic has won the City2Surf and he left his mark for the Hamburg Marathon selection, while in March at the Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon in Japan, Harris ran a personal best at 2:17:08. Harris is a teacher from Launceston who has an eye-watering training program which weekly clocks and average of 240 kilometres.…

Scott McLaughlin Takes First Place in Race 8

May 14, 2017 Riley de Castella 0


The Perth Supersprint at Barbagallo Race 8 was proud to watch Scott McLaughlin surge into first position after an all-star championship competition between some of the most sophisticated motors and racers today.

Scott McLaughlin stomped his way to a clean victory in Race 8, after a remarkable performance over the weekend sweep by the23 year old. One of the youngest competitive motorists of our time, the Kiwi has made history at the Perth Super sprint.

There wasn’t a driver that could keep pace with the No. 17 Falcon after the 83-lap.

McLaughlin worked to build a significant advantage over his rival Chaz Mostert and held it well through two rounds with pit stops. The final time clocks measured a 4.6 second margin between the two drivers.

Jamie Whincup also finished the race in the third and despite a set of brand new tires already for that crucial final lap he was outgunned by the two Falcons in front.

Will Davison and Mark Winterbottom too fifth and fourth place respectively and were closely followed by the rest of the leading contenders.

Fabian Coulthard held his sixth position well, up until the moment Shane van Gisbergen gunned past him and narrowed his lead to a mere 19 points.

As a matter of fact, the total points for the first five contenders only amounted to 31 points.

While McLaughlin cruised easily into this championship, his teammate with a championship title was not given such a smooth course.

Buried deep in the competition behind Davis in the first laps, Coulthard adopted a three-stop strategy to try to recoup some distance.

Despite this noble effort, he still found himself struggling to get past Tekno Commodore in the final laps.

Then he was also unable to apply his impressive grip to getting ahead of the competition and in the end, was forced to give up his spot to Van Gisbergen in the last lap. The most desperate of all the drivers that day was one place behind them.

Craig Lowndes skipped all pit lanes to gain some position in the grid, his team chose to begin at the rear of the grid should the worst begin at the start of the race. He then received a mild shunt that placed him in a spin and placed him at a distant last place. He was still able to turn this around and place i the top 8th position thanks to his application of the three-stop strategy.…

Kyle Chalmers Having Open Heart Surgery, Forces World Swim Title Withdrawal

April 10, 2017 Riley de Castella 0


Kyle Chalmers, Olympic gold medalist is having open heart surgery which is forcing him to withdraw his bid from the upcoming FINA World Championship.

Chalmers has a heart condition referred to as “supraventricular tachycardia or SVT. His coach, Peter Bishop states it was more important to deal with the heart condition than it is to win the championship competing for Australia in Budapest this July.

Per his coach, this decision wasn’t made lightly, a lot of consideration and thought was put into it.

It is in his best interest to have this surgery sooner as opposed to later.

Once the surgery is complete and he has recovered, Kyle will begin to prepare for the Commonwealth Games that are coming up in 2018.

The priority was always his health and well being.

This is the beginning of his bid for gold medal championships. Now is the time to get the surgery done so that he can go on to win. Often, the overall goal needs to be determined and the decisions need to be made from there.

Chalmers has the full support of his teammates, family, and coaches. This will give him the home advantage in 2018.

The surgery will be performed within a few short weeks.

“It’s with regret that I have withdrawn from the competition for 2017” states Chalmers.

“In order to give myself the best opportunity for the future, I must take care of myself now”, states Chalmers.

“As I’ve begun to suffer from an abnormal heart rhythm I must now face surgery to reset things.” states Chalmers.

Chalmers is happily following his doctor’s advice on the situation.

While there is never a good time for surgery, Chalmers is facing it with the goal of being healed and able to go for his overall goal. He has made the decision to withdraw from the 2017 competition and go for the competition in 2018 after he has fully recovered and healed.

It is expected that a replacement swimmer will be announced for the 100-meter freestyle event that is in Budapest in the near future. Putting his health first will ensure that he is able to compete in future events. He will do better training once his heart rhythm is reset and running properly for his body. It was a tough decision, but one that will ultimately allow him to reach his future goal of winning in the next competition that takes place in 2018.…

Pearl Gonzalez pulled out of UFC 210 due to her breast implants

April 7, 2017 Riley de Castella 0

MMA fighter Pearl Gonzalez was about to be pulled out of the 210 main card due to her breast implants (source: Breast Implants Perth) . You can find a photo of Cynthia Calvillo and Pearl Gonzalez as they face off  on April 05 in Buffalo, New York.

We have learned that Pearl Gonzalez has been ruled on the basis of an implant in her breast, women fighters are not allowed to have implants. Calvillo told me that is was hopeful they would alleviate the issue but since then there is no word anything just yet.

However, Doman Martin from Fox Sports has reported that the match has not been postponed officially and there are discussions going on about whether Gonzalez is eligible to participate. And I quote his words, “stay tuned to Fox Sports for more updates on Gonzalez and implant gate. There is nothing that is one hundred percent sure about the situation. But let’s wait and see what happens”.

“In New York, women who have breast implants are not allowed to compete in fightings due to the concerns that it might burst during the match. However, those boxers who have undergone breast reduction through surgeries are eligible to compete”, this is according to the NYSAC medical manual. The rule was enacted back in the year 2014.This makes it easy for people to wonder what went wrong with both the UFC and the commission.

Something that is worth noting is that this statue is not limited to the New York or even the United States as a country only. Back in the year 2013, Louisiana temporarily banned all female fighters with breast implants from participating in MMA due to the above-mentioned concerns of rupturing. If you recall well, back in the year 2009 there was an amateur British boxer who was not allowed to get into the ring because she had an implant in her breasts.

Pearl Gonzalez  (4-0) made her debut in boxing in March at the UFC 209, it is during the same time that she made an ultimate win over a standout and experienced fighter Amanda Cooper in her promotional debut. The impressive fight that she displayed resulted in a quick turnaround of things helping boost her momentum.

With all the controversy that’s going around, whether Gonzalez and Calvillo will fight Saturday night now we will have to wait. Having said that, let’s wait for more official communication from the commission.…

The New Super5000 Series Is Set To Revive The Top-Level Open Wheel Racing

March 14, 2017 Riley de Castella 0


Here is the very 1st look at the latest Super5000 series race car which promises to revive the Top-Level open-wheel racing in the country of Australia. The Daily Telegraph reveals full details on the Supercar’s “proposed” Super5000 series for the very 1st time after they obtained exclusive video and pictures on the 850kg flyer which is said to hit the grids in the coming year.

The Supercars concept which is backed and developed by the Australian company known as Payce and Wilson Security, whereby the complete specifications of this car is also laid bare. This includes this V8 supercars engine that will deliver a phenomenal 600 brake horsepower.

It is expected that up to 20 cars may be racing at the opening race of the Supercars season in the following years in Adelaide. This should be sufficient competitors that will sign-up for this particular series which will receive approval by Supercars while the sporting-body will own the intellectual property-rights on this series.

Wilson and Payce are both extremely excited in association to this particular project due to a variety of reasons. One reason stated by John McMellan the CEO for the Wilson Group involves the opportunity in which to introduce an exhilarating open-wheel category for the Australians fans to embrace.

He also states that it is another method to introduce extremely powerful racing cars in packages that are affordable that can be a lucrative pathway for the younger driveways in the open-wheel categories in the US or Europe.

He goes onto state that the formula is amazing and he believed it will attract strong competitors with the possible start for the Super5000 Series in the coming year. Running on the very same 5.0 litre engine used in the V8 Supercar, the honeycomb and carbon fibre built race-car was able to clock over 300kph in the “secret” test conducted in the Phillip Island earlier on this year.

It has been understood that this car has the ability to go from 0-100kph in under 3 seconds. Supercars started developing the Super5000 concept back in 2015 in order to bolster the categories that support racing before they handed this project onto Wilson and Payce.

McMellan stated “We appreciated Supercars developing the Super5000 vision and concept but were not in a position to progress it.” He went onto say that the opportunities in which to progress this project independently was already there and it therefore made perfect sense for them to support the project while still allowing Supercars to retain rights on this category.

To date there have since been 6 expressions of keen interest from the individuals who have considered owning and running this race-car in a “full-championship” series in the upcoming year. This car will cost around $300,000, while the series is aimed at assisting the younger drivers in developing skills before they embark on a career in Supercars.

This particular category is in hope that it will also open the pathway onto Formula One. McMellan goes onto states that they are hoping with positive market responses that they can present a case that is undeniable for Super5000 in order to become official support categories in the years 2018.

Super5000 cars have gone onto conduct a number of high-speed tests using Supercars champion Garth Tander as the most current driver to strap-down in this concept car. This Holden driver managed to clock 300k/ph at the test conducted in Phillip Island, while Alex Davison and Lee Holdsworth have also tested this car.

Tander stated that his first impression was “wow” the car was seriously fast, while still being far lighter that Supercars will comparable amounts in horsepower along with loads of acceleration. He also states that the drivability was awesome and traction control allowed him to tune just the right amount of power that is needed to ground, which means the car won’t snap out.

He also states that the car felt comfortable immediately and he had no issues from the view point of safety as the car features all modern-day features which include F1-style head protection which is vital in fast cars.…

A WA Swimmer In The Bid To Become The First Australian To Complete The Grueling Oceans 7

February 14, 2017 Riley de Castella 0

Powerful currents, icy water and stinging jellyfish are just a few hazards that Stephen Junk the open-water swimmer may face when he pursues to become the very 1st Australian to complete the Oceans 7 this year.

The Ocean seven involves 7 open water, long-distance swims, which can be comparable to climbing 7 of the highest of the mountain peaks in the Seven Summits. To date only 6 people across the globe have managed to complete this extremely grueling circuit. In the last 12 years, Stephen Junk has finished in 6th position for these long-distance swims.

At the age of 56, he has placed his vision on this final feat, which is the notorious North Channel that runs between Scotland and Ireland, in the late part of August or the early part of September.

Obtaining Inspiration In The South-West WA

Stephen Junk’s very first Oceans Seven swim involved the Strait of Gibraltar that runs between Europe and Africa in the year 2005. He stated that “I thought it was a bit of fun to go from one continent to another.”

In 2008, Junk conquered the Catalina Channel based in Southern California and in 2010 the Cook Strait located between the North and South Islands in New Zealand. He then gave up swimming for a while and moved from Perth to Denmark. He went onto purchase a vineyard and made plans to retire from his then career as an Embryologist.

After swimming in the Greens Pool in the year 2012, it gave him the inspiration to add more to his list of accomplishments. In 2016, he went onto complete the English Channel that runs between England and France, and then the Molokai Channel that runs between the O’ahu and Molokai islands situated in Hawaii and then the Tsugara Channel between the Honshu and Hokkaido islands in Japan all within 6 weeks of one another. In the same year he was awarded with the Triple Crown for open-water swimming.

The WOWSA (World Open Water Swimming Association) awards this particular title to individuals who complete the Catalina Channel, Manhattan Island Marathon and English Channel swim.

The Hardest Of Them All

Junk will soon be attempting the North Channel, which is recognized as the toughest of the channel swims in the world. He has stated that he is ready to take on the 12-degree Celsius icy water, battle the powerful currents, while dodging the giant Lion’s Mane jellyfish. This species of jellyfish are the largest in the world and derived their name “mane” after the 1,200 tentacles which can grow up to an astounding 30 meters in length.

Junk states that “There’s a lot of things that are hard about this swim but that’s part of why you do it- to try and tackle it.” This will be his 2nd attempt at the North Channel after he abandoned the previous year’s effort. He states that “I got six-and –a-half hours into the swim, about two thirds of the way across, and unfortunately I got very cold.”

He goes onto state “I was going hypothermic, hallucinating… and I thought, this is time to get out. It’s one thing to enjoy a swim but you don’t want to die doing it.”

His Unwavering Mindset

Stephen Junk swims at least 5 kilometres each day at the Greens Pool. Clocking up to 35 kilometres each week, which is the approximate distance he will swim in the North Channel, he states that this has been the easiest portion in his preparations for this extremely intimidating task.

He has since put on 8 kilograms and is trying to gain an additional 10 kilograms to attempt to stop hypothermia the next time around. He states that you need a sufficient amount of body fat in order to withstand such icy water. He also states that a mindset that is unwavering is vital in order to succeed. He states that “The mental preparation is all about trying to convince yourself that you can do this.”

He also mentions that the amount of stress placed on the body, results in your body telling you “Get out, get out, get out.” He says that if a swimmer is able to go past 6 to 7 hours of swimming in this water, the chances of getting through the remainder of the swim is much higher.

The Feeling Of Freedom

Stephen states that his dreams will really come true if he is able to become the 1st Australian to finish the Oceans Seven. He states “I would feel very honoured to be a part of that group of swimmers, it’s something which I never thought that I would be able to do.”

He goes onto the state that he supposes that it sounds somewhat crazy, but salt water, the open water and the freshness of this swim, helps him to feel incredibly free out there. He states that it would be fantastic to achieve this goal and then finally hang up his goggles and bathers.…

Perth based lawyers takes aim at spring carnival

January 21, 2017 Riley de Castella 0

Richard Klimek, who is also a cricket veteran, together with his business partner, Rishi Wijay are bolting up overseas as syndicators and racehorse owners. The local ownership group has had a treble achievement as they landed on a double feature win in France and England over the weekend and now in Australia. Klimek, who owns Klimek & Wijay Family Lawyers Perth, is a prominent stakeholder in one of the highly reputed Perth racing business’s.

The duo source racing horses in Europe with the objective of acquiring Melbourne Cup runners. One of their greatest achievement was in 2008 in Australia when they came close to winning. During that competition, their game grey Bauer was narrowly beaten by Bart Cummings.’

Two of their horses hit news Europe this weekend as they emerge winners in two different categories. And while the 3-year-old filly Araaja who won the 1,900 Metre handicap race in France at Bordeaux and the 4-year-old gelding Fastnet Tempest who took the 1,500 Metre handicap title at England are not likely to be the best cup candidates, a consideration for one or either is undoubtedly on the agenda.

The later horse, Fastnet Tempest, who is also a son of Fastnet Rock, has recently made two wins on the spin. Besides that, out of his five starts, he managed to win three, the latest being the win at Chester.

These are some of the stats that make Henderson think that the 4-year-old horse will board the plane to Australia to race at big horseracing events at Flemington and one being at the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Other targets in the spring include Emirates (or the 1600-metres Cantala Stakes and the 2000-metres Mackinnon Stakes) and a group-one Handicap.

Araaja is a sister horse to Tom Melbourne, who was bought and imported a couple of years ago by OTI. After starting her Australian career with the likes of Freedman, the new entrant has now joined stable Chris Waller. Some of her targets include the Prix de Diane and the French Oaks. Although not regarded as a cups type, she may race Down Under at some stage.

Fastnet Tempest has the highest stakes and Henderson applause it for its excellent race despite the fact that he started late in many occasions. Willam Haggas, who is Fastnet’ trainer, has also praised him for being a leading contender for the Royal Hunt Cup. The trainer further explains that there is a high possibility that he will win the 2000 metres race at the Flemington carnival.

The Royal Hunt Cup, if did not know, is one of the biggest and probably the leading handicaps in Europe. Typically, it attracts a field of thirty or even more than the 1600-metre square at the Royal Ascot meeting.

The probability of Fastnet Tempest appearing in Melbourne will be enhanced significantly if the trainer chooses to target Dal Harraild, another excellent horse, for the Melbourne Cup finals slated for sometime later this year.

Dar Harraild is a no joke horse and a tough racer who has won several titles in the over 2800 meters category. Another outstanding horse running for distances between 2000 and 2800 meters is Haggas’s stayer, who has managed to win five times in only twelve starts.

Klimek and Wijay’s third major winner of the weekend the ingenious Darren Weir-trained Revew. Darren scored several points in the Australian Hurdle on Saturday.…