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  • 03 Jul

    Days 71 – 75; Sun 28 June – Thur 2 July

    Preparations are being finalised for Day 76 and the best thing about that is it means yesterday is finished. It was a tough day. Although no where near as bad as times in past, there is some blister a.

  • 28 Jun

    Days 68 – 70; Thur 25 June – Sat 27 June

    Dave is now 35.18km into Day 71, about 76 km to go to Fitzroy Crossing and now heading in a north - west direction. He has stopped for a few minutes for lunch whilst also taking the opportunity to re-.

  • 26 Jun

    Dave’s fantastic shoe sponsor – Mal Watts

    I want to continue to acknowledge our terrific sponsors and supporters. On a journey which will encompass almost 14,000km, nothing is more crucial to Dave than his feet, and of course the shoes he has.

  • 26 Jun

    Dave’s entry into Western Australia

    GWN 7 coverage of Dave entering WA earlier this week.

  • 26 Jun

    Day 65 – 67; Mon 22 June – Wed 24 June

    Everyone is up and completing their tasks to ensure Dave gets on the road for Day 68. Under the watch of a magnificent rising WA sun some 74km north of Halls Creek, Dave is about to commence with 5303.